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Pretty interesting game!!! I thought it was an early version, id love to see more!!

Don't you hate it when you are investigating a house?

What game am I playing? I'm a reporter? To investigate the house? Or the police?


(Game starts at 8:05) I live streamed this game. I liked the aspect of it but I was expecting more going into it. Good ideas, just wish there was a jumpscare or maybe a few creepier things going on. Other than that, I enjoyed looking through the camera finding bizarre things.

Honestly, this is an interesting concept, but it needs a lot of work and polish. Mouse sensitivity is far too low. I would suggest giving the player gameplay options or up the sensitivity significantly.

Hi Pabular, yeah for sure. This was for a game jam and it's more of a tech demo at this point. I would like to build it out to full game, give the player more to do and polish up the controls a lot.

Good game 
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This was great, super atmospheric, and some of the sights gave me a fright. Would love this to be a full game, but awesome stuff for one week!


Thanks for playing. And thanks for putting on the jam. It was a good one.


Fun game. There were some things I thought would have been better to put in the game, maybe a jump scare or some twist in the end, but overall, I was surprised by the ending, which was quite simple and good. For more of my review, check out the video: 


Thanks for playing, I really appreciate it.


It was okay. Lacks a little ambient, but it's not bad.

Also, here's a playthrough of the game with fun(kinda) commentary


Thanks for playing. I though the commentary was pretty funny. I liked the logan paul reference XD.

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nice prototype

Thanks for playing :)

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Cool! I like the camera mechanic it works well and it's a nice concept, I found some bugs but since it's In development I think that's expected. Good job!


Thanks. And thanks for the assets. It wouldn't be possible for me to put this together so quickly without it.

You're welcome!