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This is a 2d Platformer Controller for the Godot Game Engine version 3.2

This is a player controller than can be used to make games like 'Celeste' in the Godot Game Engine. It has all of the main functionality of a player controller. I have not put in dying or scene changes. But if you need a quick controller for a 16 bit game prototype then this might be helpful.

Some of the code might be a bit confusing, this is my first time writing a player controller and using GDscript. Some thing I know i will polish at some point are:

Dash/Dodge variable naming is interchangable for different sections of the code. I will update to have one main name reference. Wallhold/WallGrab sound too similar when they do different things.

when you download this and open up in Godot, there is an example scene called 'SandBox'.

There is a 3d model in this repository?

Yes I used a very basic 3d model and Mixamo to grab animations and render them as 2d sprites. I then cleaned them up in Aseprite.

Some animations are still very basic. Attack animations are 1 frame, Dash/Dodge has borrowed from the jump animation frames and there is simply no animation for the climb. 

Open to suggestions as I am still learning but feel free to use if you wish.'


Move: W,A,S,D

Jump: Space

Climb: Shift

Dash: C

Attack: V


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